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Looking for gutter guards that keep your gutters free from leaves, debris, bird droppings and all types of vermin?


You have just arrived at the right place. At Leafx® we have effective and long lasting solutions to keep your gutters and downpipes unclogged. Our gutter guards also ensure that water does not overflow in your roof.
We make it easier for you to choose and buy the best gutterguards for your home and we are the premium suppliers of DIY aluminium and steel gutter guards in Australia. You can pick the products that you need from our online store and we deliver it to your doorstep.

Trade Inquiries Welcome

Please feel free to contact Bill Brown on 0433546069 anytime to answer any questions you might have regarding installation, sales or delivery.
All the gutter guards at Leafx have been made in Australia and are tailor made for climatic and other geographical conditions in this country. They are manufactured from powder-coated bluescope zinculume aluminium and steel Tough, Strong, Resilient and Reliable – these are some of the qualities of gutter guards from Leafx . The gutter guards are 100 percent non-flammable . Our gutterguard has been helping thousands of Australians to protect their homes from bush fires. The Leafx and Blue Mountain Mesh Aluminium gutter guard systems are available from our store .

Blue Mountain Mesh: The mesh fits from the top outside edge of the gutter, across the gutter section and is then attached to the roof surface.  This creates a platform that suspends leaves and debris above the roof gutter, allowing the majority of flammable material build-up to be blown away by wind action.

Leafx® : There are no tapes or silicon to apply, no specially manufactured clips and flashings. This material fits easily and unobtrusively to your home. . Leafx installs without having to put screws into your roof or gutter.

Installation of Gutter Guard can be arranged Australia wide by qualified installers...